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We care for your cargo!

Our cargo business division bundles all cargo activities at Cologne Bonn Airport. We see ourselves as your facilitator in order to assist you from the initial request until the arrival / departure of your cargo. Our goal is to ensure a smooth cargo operation by supervising all involved stakeholders and providing timely and relevant information to you - from one single source.

We move cargo ...

... around the world!

Cargo Destinations 2021 – From A to Z

Almaty, Anchorage, Ancona, Ankara, Athens, Barcelona, Basel, Beirut, Belfast, Belgrade, Bergamo, Billund, Bologna, Bordeaux, Brescia, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Cairo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cluj-Napoca, Copenhagen, Delhi, Dubai, Dublin, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Gdansk, Geneva, Guangzhou, Halifax, Hamburg, Hamilton, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Indianapolis, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Katowice, Kaunas, Larnaca, Leipzig, Liege, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London, Louisville, Lyon, Madrid, Malmoe, Malta, Marseille, Memphis, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Naples, Newark, New York, Oslo, Paris, Philadelphia, Porto, Poznan, Prague, Pristina, Rennes, Reykjavík, Riga, Rome, Seoul, Seville, Shanghai, Shannon, Sharjah, Shenzhen, Sofia, St. John’s, Stockholm, Taipei, Tblisi, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Timişoara, Tirana, Toronto, Toulouse, Tunis, Valencia, Venice, Vienna, Vitoria, Warsaw, Wroclav, Yerevan, Zagreb, Zurich