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Nothing is too fast, too heavy or too complex!

Our areas of expertise:

CGN is the No.1 express cargo platform in Europe and the only cargo airport worldwide that hosts the largest express service providers – DHL Express, FedEx and UPS – together in one location for more than 30 years. You as customer will benefit from the extensive connectivity and convenience that our global network at CGN provides. The customs authority at CGN is available 24/7 and highly experienced in clearing large e-commerce volumes within a short time.

CGN’s scheduled main deck and belly-cargo service network delivers around 1,000,000 tons of cargo every year. From flowers and other perishables to heavy machinery, construction materials, and high-value goods. Always safely, securely and efficiently, we offer scheduled cargo capacity out of CGN to the biggest cargo hubs worldwide.

Apart from the scheduled cargo service, CGN knows how to accommodate charter requests, regardless how big or small the shipments are. We support your part-charters, backloads and other commercially innovative solutions for ad hoc, peak season and project cargo.

Animals’ safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our well-trained animal welfare advisers are treating animals with special care, respect and attention. According to IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR) and European Council Regulation No. 1/2005, Article 17 (2), we offer a designated shipping solution for live animals, designed to ensure the comfort and safety of each living being.

As a one-stop shop solution, our service portfolio includes:

  • full animal welfare consultancy services, 
  • airport handling, 
  • 24/7 call-on-duty emergency response, 
  • documentation and 
  • supervision of all animal transports from/to Cologne Bonn Airport. 

It is our passion to manage the entire transportation process from collection at the aircraft, going through Border Inspection Post and customs clearance process and safely reuniting the animals with their owners as quickly as possible. 

No matter if horses to Canada, Bavarian cattle to Kuwait, day old chicks to Turkey, French goats to Iran, rescued dogs and cats from Cyprus, predators such as Leopards from the US or living halibut from Canada, we understand your business and ensure safe, smooth and reliable transportation.

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Heavy and project cargo are an essential pillar of Cologne Bonn Airports’ service portfolio. Our all-round carefree package covers the transport and handling of time-critical, particularly difficult or bulky cargo. As our infrastructure and all service providers operate 24/7, the flight schedule can be flexibly adjusted to the clients’ requirements. Additionally, CGN Airport has no restrictions on the dimensions or weight of the aircraft and its payload. 

Our dedicated cargo operations team coordinates the interaction between handling agents, the airline, various airport departments, heavy-duty transporters and the crane company. Being the single point of contact for all requests linked to the charter flight, the ops team is ensuring a smooth and reliable on-time operation by accompanying the entire turnaround. Additionally, they organise the approval for crane loading, monitor the punctual security check and determine the ideal route for moving the consignments to the aircraft stands.

The number of special cargo flights at CGN Airport rose significantly during the last years - and that will continue to be the case in the future.

Being time and temperature-sensitive, the handling and transportation of perishable products are comparably challenging. At Cologne Bonn Airport, we have implemented modern and reliable (cooling) infrastructure accompanied with fast and efficient processes. Looking beyond the traditional avenues and based on the IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR), we are ensuring the highest quality standards in the transportation of perishable products and strive to reduce spoilage and wastage.

When Canadian lobster, fresh fish from Iceland, fruits and vegetables from the Mediterranean Sea or flowers from Africa fly into CGN, the taste and quality remains unaffected. Our dedicated operations teams is constantly monitoring the status, location and temperature of perishables handles at CGN Airport ensuring a seamless supply chain with consignments constantly being under adequate conditions. 

CGN provides the expertise and resources for special cargo services. From transporting live animals to temperature-controlled freight to outsized cargo.

  • DGR | Dangerous goods requiring special handling, as outlined in “Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)”
  • VAL | High-value cargo requiring high-security service

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