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UPS is a global leader in logistics, offering a broad range of solutions including transporting packages and freight; facilitating international trade, and deploying advanced technology to more efficiently manage the world of business.

UPS has been operating its European air hub at Cologne Bonn Airport in Germany since 1986. The Cologne Bonn Airport facility connects European small, mid and large customers and consumers to the world's markets and to international trade. The air hub is a key component in UPS' global air operation and at the same time one of the largest and most advanced sorting facilities in the world with more than 3,000 employees. Every night UPS’ single European hub handles more than 40 freighter movements.

The operating area expands over more than 105,000 square meters and has a hub sorting capacity of 190,000 packages per hour - or around 53 packages per second. The conveyor system covers a distance of about 40 kilometres (25 miles), with a package taking an average of just 15 minutes to move through the hub from unload to load point.

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. and the world’s largest express transportation company, is operating its international hub for destinations from and to Central and Eastern Europe at Cologne Bonn Airport. The hub plays an important role within the international FedEx Express network.

FedEx team members in more than 50 nations are working at the hub and handling 78 flights per week from and to Europe, the USA and Asia. In addition, there are about 1,000 truck lanes per week with tours within Germany and abroad.

Since the hub opened in 2010, the location has grown continuously. The number of employees has risen from 100 to more than 800 (2020) and the sorting volume has more than doubled from 16,000 parcels per day (2010) to 40,000 parcels (2020). At maximum capacity, the hub's systems allow a sorting capacity of 18,000 parcels and documents per hour.

DHL Express operates a state-of-the art logistics centre at Cologne Bonn Airport covering 15,000 sqm. The hub features the latest sorting technology and an innovative system to heat and cool the 12,000 sqm warehouse and 3,000 sqm of offices.

In cooperation with Cologne Bonn Airport, DHL Express is using an ice-energy-storage solution with over 1.3 million litres holding capacity and 18 kilometres of piping to cool the hub in the summer and keep it warm in the winter.

DHL completed the upgrade in August 2019 following a two-year building and renovation phase. The sorting centre features new technologies to process up to 20,000 shipments per hour on 2.5 kilometres of conveyor belts. Other additions include 3D scanners and vacuum lifters to make life easier for the hub’s 340 employees. €123 million has been invested in the new hub facility.

The €123 million investment shows DHL’s commitment to the Cologne-Bonn region. Up to 30 daily flight movements, including direct routes from Hong Kong and Chicago are operated via CGN, making the hub an important part of DHL’s international network. The main goal is to increase DHL’s transport and delivery capacity for time-sensitive TDI shipments to meet the growing customer demand in the area of e-commerce.

The Cologne Bonn Cargo Centre (CBCC) with 12,000 square metres (plus options for an additional 9,000 sqm) of storage space and direct access to the apron leading to the security area (§ 8 of the German Aviation Security Act LuftSiG) is operated by d´nata Cargo GmbH. Separate cold storages with individually adjustable temperature are available to cater for shipments with special requirements, such as perishable goods including food, medical products, etc. The CBCC also features a valuable goods area and 6 separate hazardous goods cubicles. In addition, the CBCC has a direct motorway connection via A3/A4 and offers a direct and dedicated airside access. The warehouse facility in the CBCC is security restricted according to TAPA/ISO standards and includes the following services:

  • Capacity/Year: 130,000 tons
  • Office space: 2,400 sqm
  • Operating time: 24/7 documentation and service centre
  • Customs: 24/7 customs in-house
  • 34 x HGV bridges (Heavy Goods Vehicles) plus transporter and side loading ramps
  • Special truck docks: 2 truck docks (‘fast lanes’) for pre-built and secured cargo
  • 500 sqm special storage facilities (DGR, cooling etc.)
  • X-ray screening up to 3 tons
  • Retractable mechanical pallet stacking stations

Sovereign Speed is a German independent transport and handling specialist for courier, transport and logistics companies. The Hamburg-based service provider newly opened a 5.000 sqm state-of-the-art warehouse in Troisdorf (6.5 km/11 min driving time from CGN Airport) offering dedicated 2nd line air cargo handling to its CGN customers.

The facility offers a broad variety of services covering:

  • unloading & loading of ULD´s and lose cargo,
  • break-down of ULD´s on HAWB-Level (including sorting and palletizing), 
  • build-up of ULD´s (including screening services) and 
  • customs clearance (including creating and closing T1-documents). 

For the e-commerce market, it additionally offers courier services/parcel distribution, pick & pack/fulfilment, return business services and an easy-import-customs toll.

Being located in the same customs area as CGN airport, Sovereign Speed can represent the regulated agent status for exports. The facility can also be used as a bonded warehouse for imports. Being directly linked with Sovereign Speed’s express overnight road network, the new warehouse provides trucking connections to/from 17 European countries with 55 destinations 6 days/nights per week.

Schlimgen Logistics is a neutral service provider for freight forwarders, airlines, automotive and e-commerce companies in the Cologne/Bonn region and operates a 2nd line cargo warehouse close to the CGN airport facilities.  The company was founded in 1981 as a one-man operation at the airport of Cologne/Bonn. In the meantime, it has become a medium-sized group of companies with more than 120 employees.

At its 10.000m² warehousing facility, Schlimgen provides 

  • any sort of warehousing service for air and general cargo, 
  • different storage solutions such as block, shelf or small-shelf storages,
  • real-time inventory tracking using Schlimgen’s app-based warehouse management system,
  • loading/unloading of sea containers,
  • fulfilment services for e-commerce retailers.

As a regulated agent, Schlimgen is certified by German aviation authorities which makes the handling of secured air freight their daily business. The trucking and cargo handling company can pick up export shipments from any shipper within the region and deliver them to CGN airport. All local shipments are consolidated at their warehouse facility. Schlimgen also provides consolidated trucking/line-hauls starting in Cologne/Bonn to Frankfurt and vice versa on a daily basis.

General Airport data.

4 E
Operating hours
Flexible slots (facilitated level 2 airport) and no night curfew
9 aprons for cargo (50 ha)
Freighter Stands
More than 90 parking stands for cargo aircraft
Cargo Center
10 cargo terminals, 1 high-bay warehouse for aircraft pallets,
1 dedicated terminal for General Cargo
Unlimited fuel availability even in peak times, connected to the NATO CEPS pipeline


14L/32R (Intercontinental runway)
14R/32L (Parallel takeoff and landing runway)
06/24 (Crosswind runway)
Instrument Landing System
ILS CAT IIIb (32R), CAT IIIa (14L), CAT I (24)
Precision Approach Path Indicator
Every runway is equipped with PAPI
14L/32R, 06/24
14L/32R (3815 m x 60 m)
14R/32L (1863 m x 45 m)
06/24 (2459 m x 45 m)
14L/32R (Asphalt)
14R/32L (Asphalt & Concrete)
06/24 (Asphalt & Concrete)
Strength and Thickness
PCN 75 FAWT on every runway, maximum payload on airplanes

Cargo Equipment

Warehouse Size and Capacity
12,500 sqm Ramp Connected Cargo Warehouse for General Cargo
Warehouse Capacity
130.000 tons per annum, Average Warehouse Capacity
Fast Lane Truck Docks
2 x Truck Docks for Pre-built & Time-Sensitive Import Cargo Volumes
Dollies (10 ft., 20-30 ft., LD-3)
More than 800
GPU - Ground Power Units
More than 30
Aircraft Tractors
More than 15
Main-deck Highloaders (07t, 14t, 30t)
More than 65
Baggage Carts
Baggage Towing Tractors (03t, 06t)
Container Pallet Transporters (07t)
Conveyor Belts
Jet Air Starters
Loader Transporters (03t, 07t)